How can I sell my stamps?

There are times when you end up with multiple stamps of the same type and there are still others that you would want to purchase. Keeping multiple stamps can only be beneficial for someone who is trying to enhance the value of the collection without heed to the specific pieces. But someone who is trying to collect all kinds of pieces it is probably a better choice to sell the extra piece and inv...


How to collect stamps

Other than coins, stamps are another area that has attracted a lot of people in terms of collections. Some of the stamps that have been collected are worth millions of dollars based on the story behind them. While stamps were created as a simple means of postage initially, there were other things that they started to mean over time. The first country that started using the picture of the monarch...


Stamp collecting tools

The actual tools that a philatelist (coin collector) uses are extremely simple and inexpensive. It is the coin collection and the process of acquiring the stamps that can get expensive sometimes. A coin collector should definitely have stamp tongs. These come in handy when you want to handle the stamps without causing them any damage. These are used when you want to pick up a stamp for identific...


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