How can I sell my stamps?

There are times when you end up with multiple stamps of the same type and there are still others that you would want to purchase. Keeping multiple stamps can only be beneficial for someone who is trying to enhance the value of the collection without heed to the specific pieces. But someone who is trying to collect all kinds of pieces it is probably a better choice to sell the extra piece and invest the money in acquiring another one that you do not have.

The first thing that you need to do is to evaluate the piece that you want to sell. Study the stamp well and find out more about the literature of the piece.

If you do not know any philatelist who would like to buy your stamp you can go to the Internet and search for that buy stamps. You can sell your stamp on eBay and expect to get the right price if you know the approximate value of the stamp. A specialized site for selling collectibles is Delcampe. There are ways in which you can sell a stamp too. You can find a stamp dealer near your location in order to do the dealing face to face and then there are always auctions where you can register to sell your stamp.

Last but not the least, if you are a member of a stamp club, you may want to check with the other members with regards to their interest in buying the stamp too.



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