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There are a lot of questions that people have with regards to collecting items. While some people want to know the various items that they can collect, there are others who have decided the item that they want to collet but want to know how to start the process.

On the other hand there are some people who have advanced a lot in their hobby of collecting items and are looking for depth of information with regards to the manner in which they can move forward in their hobby.

Starting from how to preserve a collection to the manner in which can be acquired or displayed, everything with regards to collecting different collectibles can be different. At the same time we all know that collectibles need to be arranged, structured, documented and displayed in order for them to be of any significance. Some of the questions people have about some common collectible hobbies have been mentioned here.

How can I sell my stamps?

There are times when you end up with multiple stamps of the same type and there are still others that you would want to purchase. Keeping multiple stamps can only be beneficial for someone who is trying to enhance the value of the collection without heed to the specific pieces. But someone who is trying to collect all kinds of pieces it is probably a better choice to sell the extra piece and inv...


How should I mount my butterflies to ensure least damage?

Mounting a butterfly on a board is a delicate process and you need to make sure that you handle the wings extremely carefully. This is because the wings are extremely delicate. Not only is there a chance of the wings getting torn, touching them slightly also erodes some of the color that it has. To be able to mount the butterfly you will need to spread the wings of the butterfly on a spreading b...


How can you catalogue a coin collection?

Collecting coins can be an extremely educational and healthy hobby. Sometimes this hobby has been known to convert into a fortune if you are lucky enough to get some valuable coins that are extremely rare. Cataloguing your coin collection is necessary to ensure that the collection does not become a coin dump. Software or applications like excel can be extremely helpful in managing, structuring a...


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