General collection tools

There are some tools that you will require irrespective of what you are collecting. And therefore while you will be able to procure specific tools and supplies for specific hobbies, you do need some common tools that you will need for any kind of collection. For any card, stamp, paper or fabric collection you will need to purchase a special case that you can use to hold the collection in. It is...


Coin collecting tools

The first thing that you should start with if you are looking at collecting coins is to get yourself a good coin collecting guide book. These are books that can give you a lot of details about the manner in which you can go about collecting coins. These guides can also help you in identifying different coins, understanding the history behind it, learning the various materials coins are made of t...


Stamp collecting tools

The actual tools that a philatelist (coin collector) uses are extremely simple and inexpensive. It is the coin collection and the process of acquiring the stamps that can get expensive sometimes. A coin collector should definitely have stamp tongs. These come in handy when you want to handle the stamps without causing them any damage. These are used when you want to pick up a stamp for identific...


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