How to collect natural things

While some may find it a bit unusual, there are many people who collect natural things like insects, fossils, plants and rocks too. Since the genre is so large, you will need to start hone down the list of things and decide the one that you want to go for. Among insect collections, butterfly collection and the beetle collection is probably the most popular option that people choose.

Serious collectors should first read up about the various categories of butterflies or beetles in order to start a collection. It is futile to be searching for a butterfly without really knowing the origins of the insect. The next thing to do is to understand the manner in which you can preserve and display your collection. This may require some time and some preservation as well. The sweeping net is one of the most common items that is use to capture butterflies and beetles too.

Once the butterfly or beetle has been obtained you need to put the insect carefully in what is called the killing jar. This prevents the insects from escaping and then a method called lepidopteran which is essentially by crushing the thorax so that death occurs by suffocation.

Displaying the insects is another thing altogether. The most usual way in which butterflies are displayed is in glass boxes with the insects mounted on top. There are some non-corrosive insect pins that you should be able to find in the market so that you can achieve the mounting easily.



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